Happy New Year!


Hello All!

Hope you had a great year and a lovely holiday! I'm trying to start the year off right with a few resolutions. Mainly to develop my career in illustration by completing one task which benefits it every day - and keeping track of each day in a journal. I'll review my progress weekly to keep myself in check.

I've realized after a few failed past resolutions that it is super important to BE SPECIFIC about your goals! Hold yourself accountable and track your progress! I've also realized the importance of self congratulation, it is a great psychological tool which enforces your new behaviour and makes you feel confident. So I've been reviewing my accomplishments and relishing in every tiny step towards my goal. 

My second resolution, which I still haven't started, is to keep my self in shape and stay aligned with Yoga or Quigong practise at least 2 days a week - building up to 5 days a week. I need some Yoga but I still feel so lazy from the holidays... maybe we'll start tomorrow?

Wishing you well friends and again, Happy New Year! Its time to refresh.